The National Afro-American League (NAAL), was an organization that focus to obtain full citizenship and equality for  African Americans.

The NAAL was established in 1887, it’s founders was Timothy Thomas Fortune (October 3, 1856 – June 2, 1928) and Bishop Alexander Walters (August 1, 1858 – February 2, 1917), with Joseph Charles Price (February 10, 1854 – 1893), serving as the league first president. The league first was named Afro-American League (AAL), but two years after the organization was established the name was changed to National Afro-American League. The purpose behind the organizing of the NAAL was to sought equal opportunities in voting, civil rights, education, and public accommodation. The organization also fought to end lynching’s in the South, but the league mainly focused on obtaining full citizenship and equality for African Americans.


NAAL had it’s first meeting on January 25, 1890, and during the meeting the members adopted an constitution to not allow politician to join in order to stay away from political control. That same year Jim Crow was created and the league had a whole new problem to fight. The league began fighting Jim Crow on legal grounds.

The NAAL had several successful lawsuits including a legal victory involving the bar of a New York City hotel where Fortune himself was refused service. However, due to many who have supported the NAAL stop donating to the League and began donating to National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the organization was unable to continue its efforts and disbanded in 1893. Five years later, the NAAL revived again, but became the Afro American Council (AAC) with Fortune again in a leadership role and Alexander Walters  (August 1, 1858 – February 2, 1917), as president.


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