Who was Henrietta Green Regulus Ray? (1808–1836) was an Black American female activist living in New York City who advocated for women’s education and independence and the first wife of Prominent Black American, abolitionist, leader, and editor of “The Colored American“, a weekly newspaper, Charles Bennett Ray (December 25, 1807 – August 15, 1886) . Henrietta was born in 1808, her birth location and parents unknown. Henrietta  founded the African Dorcas Association, an organization that worked to provide clothing to students, who attended African Free School, and she became the organization’s secretary in 1828. In 1834, she married Rev. Charles B. Ray and around the same time as her marriage, she was elected as the first president of the New York Female Literary Society, in which she was “formed for the purpose of acquiring literary and scientific knowledge.”

Henrietta Green Regulus Ray died in 1836 along with her newborn while giving birth from complication from tuberculosis.

The poet Henrietta Cordelia Ray (August 30, 1852 – 1916), was named in her honor.





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