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Frazier B. and Julia Baker  were father and daughter African American who were lynched on February 22, 1898 in  Lake City, Florence County, South Carolina.

Frazier B. Baker was an 40-year-old schoolteacher and member of the Colored Farmers Alliance. Frazier was married to Lavinia Russell-Baker, and together they had six children Rosa, Cora, Lincoln, Sarah, Millie, and Julia Baker.

President William McKinley administration appointed hundreds of blacks to postmaster across the Black Belt.

In 1897 Frazier was appointed postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina and immediately encountered fierce opposition from local whites. The whites feared that the increased political power that accompanied them would embolden black men to proposition white women.  A boycott of the Lake City post office was initiated, and petitions calling for Baker’s dismissal were circulated. One complaint was that Baker, had cut mail delivery from three times a day…

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