Seymour Burr was an African American slave. There is conflicting information regarding his birth, some reports list him as born in Connecticut, possibly of mixed-race parentage, others claimed he was born in Guinea, Africa, captured at the age seven, was possibly of royal birth. He enlisted in the Army a both 20 and 28, which places his birth in either 1754 or 1762.

Seymour was an slave in the British Colony of Connecticut in United States. He was owned by a white man also named Seymour Burr. Seymour escaped bondage and used the surname Burr to enlist in the British Army in the early days of the American Revolution. The British promised freedom to any African American slave who escape and enlisted to fight against the continental Army. Seymour wanted more than anything to be free, however, he was quickly capture and forcibly returned to bondage.

Seymour owner feared that he would escape again, offering Seymour his freedom if he enlisted in the Continental-Army and if Seymour turned over his bounty to him. Seymour quickly accepted his owner offer and enlist in the American Army.

Seymour reportedly enlisted into the Connecticut Seventh Regiment, led by Colonel John Brooks, on April 5, 1781. He fought at Bunker Hill and Fort Catskill, and suffered through the long winter at Valley Forge.

After Seymour completed his service, he was given his freedom as promised. In 1805 Seymour married a widow, Mary Wilbore a native American woman of the Ponkapoag tribe of Eastern Massachusetts, and daughter to Nuff Will and Sarah Moho(Mohho). Seymour and Mary had two daughters Polly and Sarah.

Seymour and Mary along with their two daughters live on 6 acres of land owned by Mary late husband Jacob Wilbore.

Seymour also collected a government pension for his military service. Seymour burr passed away on February 17, 1837, and was buried in an unmarked grave. He was 83 or 75 years old at his time of death.


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