Bill Richmond a.k.a. “The Black Terror” was an slave, born in Cuckhold, Staten Island, New York (now Richmond town), on August 5, 1763.

When the British troops held New York, during the Revolutionary war,14 year old Richmond Served with General Earl Percy, Duke of Northumberland. After the war General Percy returned to England he took young Richmond with him.

Richmond taught himself to fight. The first glimpse at his talent was with an white soldier named Docky Moore, who insulted Richmond, and was promptly challenge to fight. Although Moore was considerably bigger than him, Richmond thrashed the soldier. Richmond had similar success against other soldiers who abused him racially and physically.

After moving to England, Bill_RichmondRichmond found a way to put his fist to good use. He became an prize fighter, and a very famous one. It was said that Richmond had excellent footwork and quick hands, which enabled him to avoid the big punches and outwork bigger fighters (the bod and weave technique). By 1805, he had two victories. Richmond beat a Jewish boxer called Yossoup and a boxer named Jack Holmes also known as “Tough Tom“. Richmond ended up losing a later fight against an Englishman named Tom Cribb. After his lost to Cribb, Richmond didn’t fight in public for three years, he began intensive training. Then when he felt he was ready he face and beat Jack Carter.

Richmond lost to George Maddox, but return and fought Maddox in an match in 1807 and won. After his fight with Maddox, Richmond married and took his winnings and brought an pub, called the “Horse and Dolphin” in Leicester Square London. Richmond also opened a boxing academy, where he trained many fighters, one was Thomas Molineaux, a freed African American slave who came to England to pursue boxing.

Richmond died at his home in London on December 29, 1829, at the age 66. he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1999.


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