Carol Jenkin was born in 1947 in Rushville, Indiana. At the age 21 Jenkin worked part-time selling Collier’s Encyclopedias door-to-door. On September 16, 1968 in Martinsville, Indiana, Jenkin’s was on her route selling Encyclopedias when she notice a car with two white men began following her. Jenkin’s in fear approached the home of Norma and Donald Neal and reported the car. The Neal’s called the police out to their residents, but the police reported they where unable to spot the vehicle. The Neal’s offered Jenkins to stay at their house until things calm down, but Jenkins turned down the offer saying she put the Neal’s through enough as it was. After leaving the Neal’s about and half of hour later the vehicle and the two white men were back and following Jenkin’s again. Jenkin tried to flee but the passenger caught up with her and held her down while other man stabbed Jenkin’s with a screwdriver and killing her.

The Jenkin’s case was unsolved for many years and just sitting in the cold case files, until the state detectives got an anonymous letter 34 years later that led them to Shirley Richmond McQueen. The detectives questioned McQueen about the letter when she admitted that the letter was true and McQueen implicated that her father Kenneth C. Richmond was involved and the killing of Jenkins.


The letter said that McQueen at the time was 7 years old was sitting in the backseat of her father vehicle and witness her father and another man, still unidentified man killing Jenkin’s. Detectives were convinced that McQueen was telling the truth because she remembered a key detail which had never been made public, That Jenkin’s was wearing a yellow scarf. McQueen also mentioned in her interview that her father and the unidentified man was drunk and filled with racial hatred.

McQueen told detectives that she could still remember what her father said after returning to the car “She got what she deserved.” When they returned home Kenneth gave McQueen $7, one dollar for each year of her life and for her to stay quiet about the crime he just commended.


On May 8, 2002 Detectives arrested 70 year old Kenneth Richmond. Kenneth was a career criminal with a history of bizarre behavior and had strong ties with the Ku Klux Klan. Kenneth Richmond never went to trial for the Jenkin murder because Kenneth was declared incompetent to stand trial and on August 31, 2002 he died from Cancer.



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