Lennon_Lee_LacyIt’s been a little over a year since the body of 17 year old Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a swing in a trailer park in Bladenboro, North Carolina.


Bladenboro is a predominantly white town with 80% white residents and only 18% black residents On August 28, 2014 at night Lennon Lacy headed out for a walk, but never made it back home. The next day the police gets an call that a black man was hanging from an tree. The caller claimed while on the phone with dispatch that he hung himself. When officers arrived at the scene lacy was covered in fire ants and apparently dead. The local Medical Examiner claim suicide, but many things at the scene pointed to murder like:

  • Lennon Lacy left his home on the night of August 28th wear a pair of size twelve grey Jordan, but was found with a size ten white Air Force One’s
  • Lennon Lacy was hung with a dog leash and a belt. The belt did not belong to him nor anyone in his household. Where did the belts come from? And the dog leash Lennon wasn’t walking a dog and there is no reports that the family even own a dog
  • Lennon Lacy was 5’9 and the swing set is 7 and the half feet off the ground. Investigators found nothing at the seen that Lennon stepped on to haul himself up, so how did Lennon Lacy get up on the swing to hang himself.
  • Lennon was playing H.S. Football and looking forward to going to College, so why would he kill himself.
UPTOWN_lennon_lacy_football_uniform Lennon-Lacy-451
  • Lennon was dating an ex drug addicted 31 year old white girl. She told “News One” that Lennon was the victim of racial slurs and her neighbors told her this disapproved of interracial dating.
  • Weeks before Lennon death in Troy County North Carolina the KKK had a rally.
  • After Lennon was buried a white teen was arrested for defacing Lennon gravesite.

NAACP local chapter quick got involved. They hired Forensic Pathologist Christina Roberts to review that case and to take a look at the second Medical Examiner Dr. Deborah Radisch autopsy.

Mrs. Roberts did her work and her finding was:

  • “Dr. Radisch noted that she was not provided with photographs or dimensions of the swing set. Without this information, she would be unable to evaluate the ability to create this scenario”
  • According to police reports the caller was an 52 year old white woman. This woman did not only claim that Lennon hung himself but she was able to get Lennon dead body down from the swing alone. Lennon weighed 200 pounds.
  • Dr. Radisch said she thought some portion must be missing because there was no secondary cut in either the belt nor the dog leash.
  • A cut would have need to be made for the 52 year old woman to have taken Lennon body down.
  • “Dr. Radisch also noted that her determination of (manner of death) in this case as suicide was based on the information she was provided with by law enforcement and the local Medical Examiner (the first Examiner). She would likely have called the death pending while awaiting toxicology and investigation, but the local Medical Examiner had already signed the (manner of death) as suicide.”
  • But the local Medical Examiner put on file. “Did he hang himself? Would the autopsy tell us? And pending.”

The FBI took over the case, but no suspects has yet to be named in the Lennon Lacy case.




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