On February 9, 1893 an African American Native of Chattanooga, Tennessee man named Alfred Blount was accused and charged with the rape of a 51 year old, widow (white woman) named Mrs. M.A. Moore.

On the early morning about 9 o’clock Moore just finish up washing and putting away her breakfast dishes. While making her way to her son’s room to make his bed, Moore heard her back door open slowly without turning around and thinking it was just her neighbor which was normal that her neighbor would just walk in. Moore said ” come right in” when a man with a soft tone voice said “Lady, will you please give me a piece of bread to eat” an startled Moore quickly turns around and notice a black man she not seen before. Moore describes the man as: color, dark ginger-bread; full face; big mouth, with thick lips and slight black moustache; height, about 5ft 10in; stoutly built, with very square shoulders; he wore a dark brown or sun burnt black slouch hat; light colored sack coat and dark trousers.

Moore then called for Sam to get the unknown man some bread. Sam was a young black man that helped Moore with the chores around the house, but Sam was not around, so Moore started to the kitchen to get the man something to eat when he grabbed Moore by her arm and before Moore had a chance to scream he put one of his hands around her mouth and released her arm and with that hand he put it around her neck. Moore then tried to escape but that failed and she fainted. When Moore regained consciousness she realize what had just happened to her. Moore struggled to her feet and called for her Neighbor, Mrs. DeRochemont and recalled what had happened before fainting. Mrs. DeRochemont quick ran for an Officer.

Mrs. Blount the widow of the late Alfred Blount entered into a suit against the Sheriff and his deputies for allowing the White Mob to kill her husband and to prevent further lynching in the South. The outcome of Mrs. Blount suit is unknown.

Decades later an Memorial was put in place for Alfred Blount on Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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